The homeowner told police that she had several firearms inside the home, prompting the officers to call for a SWAT team, Detective Meghan Aguilar … in brush at the bottom of the hill as a police dog approached his motionless body. Aguilar, citing … Link.

Firefighters brought fire hats for the children in the neighborhood, and the Newton Police Department brought Blake his own badge, wallet and SWAT hat. The family served hot dogs, hamburgers, coleslaw and all the fixings so Blake and his family could show … Link.

The SWAT series focused on realistic squad-based action, more simulations than OTT shooters, and the fourth is still the strongest. This FPS emulates real-world police tactics, with your team encouraged to use non-lethal approaches to bring enemies down … Link.

Police say Marquez had two replica handguns in his possession. He was taken to an area hospital for treatment of dog bites. The second suspect, an unidentified woman, remained inside the home for nearly an hour until SWAT units made contact with her. Link.