A woman tells CBS46 she was walking her dog in midtown Atlanta Wednesday when a stranger … becoming increasingly difficult to avoid in metro Atlanta. Police are searching for a man after a SWAT team was called to a Fulton County home following a domestic … Link.

Jesus Sanchez Lloverá was asleep in his home in west Phoenix when dozens of local police dressed in body armor and carrying semi-automatic weapons kicked in his door and threw him in handcuffs. As if being abruptly woken up by the local SWAT team kicking … Link.

A 31-year-old Macon man was arrested Tuesday afternoon following a manhunt that began after he allegedly shot a Lamar County homeowner’s dog and threatened … able to escape the house. A SWAT situation unfolded as police were uncertain whether Jordan … Link.

Rony was a member of a SWAT squad. Rony participated in many arrests, including one in 2010 when police said the dog detected oxycodone in a vehicle. Our thoughts are with former Ofc. Moriarty on the passing of his retired NPD K9 Rony, a dual purpose … Link.

Sebastian Perella, 24, who was being sought by police, broke into a person’s home Friday … Perella refused to come out until SWAT officers warned him that a K-9 dog would be sent into the residence. Perella surrendered about two hours after the situation … Link.

According to a release from the Department of Public Safety, a SWAT team was called in shortly before 8 p.m. Police ordered Perella to surrender but he allegedly refused. Shortly before 10 p.m., police warned Perella that a police dog was about to be sent … Link.