Chandler police and SWAT team served a search warrant in Chandler early Monday … was docked Friday night in Put-In-Bay at Miller Marina. Their dog Daisy ended up in the water and that’s when something went horribly wrong. Jeff Currie’s two sons, jumped … Link.

The search for the man prompted an unsuccessful raid on his parents’ home in Oakley Saturday that left the family dog dead … By interviewing witnesses, police identified a 27-year-old suspect, and the Concord Police SWAT Team served a high-risk … Link.

That said, there’s no reason for SWAT teams to have access to tanks and other military … According to Spaulding, his dog, Sadie, was sniffing his head as he lay on the ground. Police shot the dog as she was next to her owners, with her blood spraying … Link.

which came after officers fired tear gas canisters into the home around 1 a.m., then sent a police dog inside. Witnesses who watched the scene unfold said the dog dragged the suspect out of the home “dripping and drooling” from the tear gas. Link.

The SWAT team served a search warrant at 1945 Dawnshire … One of the suspects sustained a dog bite from a Columbus Police Department canine during the warrant service, Harris said. Link.