Police say it appears the dogs did not have food or water and may have been hungry … and found a woman in a hole covered by multiple objects. After a standoff with SWAT, the lone suspect exited his residence and was taken to the Clinton County Jail. Link.

Back to the police report: “When we returned to the vehicle the dog ‘Maxwell’ was drinking the vodka that … The chief deploys the SWAT team and crisis negotiator, then calls the mayor with the bad news. “Your honor, we’ve got a Code Red on … Link.

West Richland Police, the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, and SWAT responded to help Richland investigators … at which point wanting to have absolutely nothing to do with the dog he decided to give up.” No one got hurt during the arrest. Link.

Television footage showed a heavy police response, including a SWAT team, at the office building near a multi … A family dealing with the loss of their beloved dog is hit hard once again. They say they paid for a dog that was going to be shipped to … Link.