Bregman says Sandy opened fire after the police dog ran toward Boyd and its handler gave chase. Bregman argues that Sandy and former SWAT Officer Dominique Perez made independent, split-second decisions to shoot Boyd, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Link.

What each side is saying Sandy’s attorney, Sam Bregman, has argued the dog handler’s life was in danger when … Ginger applauds efforts to transform Albuquerque Police’s tactical units, including SWAT, the K9 unit and bomb squad. “These units are guided … Link.

SWAT is already up to speed. Next, the police K9s will be getting a lay of finished arena. K9s like Ace, Rex and Waverly, are trained to sniff out explosives in large public settings. “Particularly, our bomb-sniffing dogs will be an important part of our … Link.

… dogs’ skills at the annual fundraiser for the Friends of Iron County Police K9. “Technically, I’m amazed by everything they get these dogs to do,” Carol Ann Modesitt said. From SWAT explosions to protecting their partners, the four dogs currently used … Link.

You, being best SWAT commando of police training school … If they run away then you have to show your running skills. Police dog running around in city will alert you about the gangsters. You have to immediately start police car driving and chase … Link.