Spokane Police called in their SWAT team more than 600 times between 2000 and 2015 … It makes people like George Hintz think letting his small dogs outside. I went to fish and Wild Life officials to find out what they think is going on. Link.

The police SWAT team also assisted other law enforcement agencies and … Others indicate whether the suspect has guns or if there are “guard dogs” on the property. When the SWAT team bursts into a home, Wohl said, “usually most people are … Link.

He was instrumental in creating the department’s SWAT K9 program where he established the incorporation of a police service dog and handler to the tactical team and founded the K9 helicopter program which allowed Officer Taylor to ride on the landing … Link.

SCHENECTADY — The city SWAT team that raided an Irving Street home Wednesday … Special investigators and police dogs assisted with the search warrant. Five men and one woman were arrested. Anthony E. Santana, 31, is charged with two misdemeanor counts … Link.

People who don’t live or work in Eugene’s downtown core won’t be able to hang out there with a dog. An Oregon State Police SWAT team, Ontario police, Malheur County deputies and the U.S. Marshals Service executed a search warrant in Vale to locate … Link.