The Butler County Regional SWAT is at the scene and police are trying to make contact with the man … A New Carlisle man was arrested on a charge accusing him of throwing a small dog out of a second-story window, according to the Clark County Sheriff … Link.

A SWAT team was called in to deal with the situation. A police dog caught one of the suspects in the home. Members of the SWAT team got the other two off the roof. All three were arrested. As one of the burglars threatened to jump, the fire department was … Link.

The flash-bang was used to distract them as SWAT officers broke the home’s windows to get a better look inside, McGreevy said. A police dog and other officers were positioned in a wash that runs behind the home in case anyone decided to jump the wall and … Link.

The search warrant was served this morning by the Oxnard Police Department SWAT Team just after 8:00 … and ultimately arrested for a variety of narcotics violations. Two large dogs were taken for safe keeping by Oxnard Animal Control as they were not … Link.