Billings Police offers update on Thursday night standoff


On 09/14/2018, Officers with the Billings Police Department Patrol Division and Street Crimes Unit developed information that twenty-four (24) year old, Rhye Temple, from Billings, was at 2215 Avenue B. Temple had several outstanding warrants for his arrest and was the subject of other on-going criminal investigations. Officers had credible information leading them to believe Temple was armed and dangerous.

At about 4:50 PM, Officers approached the residence to set a perimeter and make contact with Temple to arrest him for his warrants. On approach, officers observed Temple’s girlfriend, Amanda Wilson, a twenty-three (23) year old from Billings, walk into the residence. Officers attempts to knock and announce their presence resulted in no response from inside. Officers could hear a female and male voice arguing inside.

Temple and Wilson refused to respond to Officers. With the information that Temple was likely armed and a danger to the community, officers maintained a perimeter. The BPD SWAT and Hostage Negotiation teams were activated as they are specialized units capable and equipped to establish communications and make higher risk arrests.

Just after 9 PM, after approximately four (4) hours of unsuccessful communication attempts with no response from inside the residence, members of the SWAT team entered the residence and arrested Temple and Wilson without incident. No firearm was located.
Temple and Wilson were remanded into custody at YCDF for numerous existing warrants. No additional charges related to the standoff were filed and the other criminal investigations are on-going.


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