The SWAT team was called in and residents were evacuated from the Tuscany Place apartment complex. A robotic device and a police dog were later used to check the premises, where the suspect was found dead inside. It is not yet known whether he died of … Link.

I was walking my dog 15 … Jardim said a SWAT team arrived, “seven guys with huge rifles ran like in a formation right down the road.” Sarah Hackett of Greens Loop said, “I was sitting on my porch” when a woman came by and said police had told … Link.

Another group of students on Wednesday was getting a look inside KPD’s SWAT truck, while an officer discussed SWAT … who said she has an interest in going into law enforcement and handling a police dog. “I just love dogs, and I have a love for … Link.

Police responded with SWAT and hostage negotiators to try to talk him out of … the Phillie Phanatic, rolled out his hot dog launcher. Kathy McVay says she was at Monday night’s Phillies game when the team’s mascot, the Phillie Phanatic, rolled out … Link.