Dallas police ambush shooting survivor pushes past two painful years of obstacles, wins

Taylor doubled down on rehab and returned to her job at Conn’s only four months after she was shot — before her orthopedist’s January clearance target. The family needed the money. Lavar Taylor, Shetamia’s husband, hadn’t worked his regular tow truck job because his wife needed round-the-clock care.

Taylor earned her management position almost immediately upon return.

After the new year, a University of North Texas at Dallas College of Law professor invited Taylor to speak on a MLK community panel.

She was a guest on radio shows.

Setbacks and beyond

On May 3, 2017, Taylor’s daddy, Vietnam veteran Cpl. Floyd T. Washington, died after a battle with cancer. He was buried back home in Louisiana after a service at Mount Hebron Missionary Baptist Church in Garland.

The family was shaken. Taylor’s sisters moved to Garland to be near their mother, Mary.

“My mom went back to work after my dad passed,” she said. “She’s taking it one day at a time, too. They were together 42 years.

“That man was my everything. I started going out when he passed. Everything has changed since my dad’s been gone. That affected all of us. My dad was a lot of things to a lot of people. He was the glue,” she said, then starts her vape, presses it to her lips and pulls hard.

Kavion gives her a stern glare.

“My nerves are bad, child!” she tells him.

One of their dogs, Moon, an American pit bull terrier, died in December.

Spring brought more complications.

Lavar, 40, is working again but lost one-third of his right ring finger when his towing chain pulled too much tension.

Taylor hurt her neck at work when a couch tumbled toward her and she quickly pushed back to keep it from falling onto her.

On May 1, she attended the funeral of fallen Dallas police Officer Rogelio Santander to  support law enforcement friends she made since the shooting.

She counts the mother of the officer who she says saved her life, Ahrens, among those friends. And Detective Greg Weatherford, one of the officers who shielded her.


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