Fairchild families celebrate National Police Week

In celebration of National Police Week, Fairchild Air Force Base personnel and their families took an afternoon of leisure to barbecue, check out SWAT vehicles and gear, and learn more about military-style rifles.

“It’s a chance for people to get out and meet law enforcement,” said master sergeant Mariah Washburn.

But it was the military dogs that stole the show. Along with their trainers, Utah, a drug-sniffing Belgian Malinois, and Brenda, an explosive-sniffing German Shepherd, performed a live demonstration for dozens of kids who attend Michael Anderson Elementary School on base.

“Are you guys excited?” shouted Kyle Shy, a trainer.

“Yes!” they shouted.

“That wasn’t good enough. Are you guys excited?”

“Yeah!” they echoed, louder.

Brenda, who doubles as an attack dog, got big cheers and laughs from the elementary crowd as she showed off her skills.

On his command to attack, she’d run full speed at a handler in the fully-padded suit and latch onto his arm.

“Alright, who wants to see him get bit again?” Shy repeatedly asked the crowd, which was always followed by a loud cheer.

“We do!” they’d shout back.

But more impressive still was the moment Wentz called her off mid sprint, just as she was bearing down on the “suspect’s” arm. Rather than jump and chomp down mid hop, she instead shot past and circled around to meet up again with her handler.

“I liked it,” said seven-year-old Mia, who’s ready to graduate from kindergarten.

“I liked that it did a lot and chased a lot,” she said.


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