Internet dubs Arizona dog a hero after saving friend from pool

It’s a rescue seen all over the internet, and one you have to see to believe.

Usually, when you talk about animal rescues, it’s a human helping out a furry friend. This time, a dog was doing the saving and helping its furry friend.

Laurie Becerra of Mesa posted security camera footage from her backyard on Facebook. The footage shows a dog, Smokey, struggling to swim in the pool after, what one could only assume, falling in.

Luckily for Smokey, Remus was there to help. After trying to, it appears, coax Smokey out of the water, Remus eventually jumped in to push Smokey up to safety.

“Remus may be a crazy pup but he’s got a heart of gold! Laurie wrote on Facebook. “My hero.”

Laurie added that the two play around the pool “all the time” without incident.

Way to go, Remus!


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