Killer ‘never made any threats’ to 4 children found dead after standoff, Orlando Police chief says

The gunman holding four children hostage in an apartment after a shootout with police did not give any indication while talking to negotiators that he planned to harm the kids, police Chief John Mina said Tuesday evening in offering more details about the nearly daylong standoff.

“He never made any threats to the children. In these types of situations, that’s our biggest concern,” Mina said. “We never want to do something that’s going to provoke the suspect.”

Mina said police never specifically heard the children while negotiating with Gary Wayne Lindsey Jr. and don’t know when they were shot to death.

But when SWAT officers breached several windows of the apartment about 8:30 p.m. on Monday, Mina said they saw that at least one child was already dead — so they went in, using gas. Inside, they found the bodies of two children in one bedroom and the two others in another bedroom.


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