Man barricaded in house for hours after threatening city workers, police say

Albuquerque police spent four hours trying to get a man to come out of his house near Broadway Boulevard and Dan Avenue after they say he hit a city employee with a gun.

Police say city employees were working in the area when Eric Mojarro confronted them and asked them to stop working.


He told the workers they needed to shut off their truck because he heard someone in the sewer lines.

When the workers wouldn’t stop, police say Mojarro pulled out a gun, pointed it at one of the workers and hit them in the face with it. Mojarro took off.

When police caught up with him they say he ran inside his house and wouldn’t come out.

Police surrounded his house and blocked off a lot of the area with yellow tape.

It kept shoppers like Eny Edison for running errands in the area.

“I’m sure people are losing out on business, but situations like this arises they have to do their own thing,” said Edison.

Mojarro was arrested and he’s been booked into jail.

Officers tell KOAT he is being questioned about threatening the city worker.


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