Newest police dog gets help from Stamford Masons and city kid

STAMFORD-The police department’s K9 Unit got some help Wednesday night from some Stamford Masons and the son of a fire department officer to purchase a custom-fit ballistic vest for the department’s newest hire.

Police dog Loki, an 18-month-old Belgium Malinois, joined the department in the beginning of November. Members of the Masonic Lodge on Kirkham Place raised money for Loki’s vest, as did Finn Murphy, the son of Stamford firefighter Lt. Todd Murphy. Loki will be going on almost every high risk call that the department’s SWAT team is dispatched to.

Murphy saw a flyer asking for funds on a grocery store bulletin board and decided to give all of his birthday money to help buy the vest. His donation ended up being $200 after Todd Murphy matched his son’s birthday money dollar for dollar.

“I want to donate money to help the dog stay safe so they can have a lot of birthday’s too,” Finn wrote in a letter that closed with, “Sincerely, Finn Murphy, Soon to be 10.”

Together the Masons and Murphy donated $2,500, which K9 Unit Sgt. Seth O’Brien said was more than enough for the vest that will cost about $1,200 to $1,500. O’Brien said the extra money will go toward buying more equipment for the K9 Unit.



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