No Explosives Found At North Haven Home Where SWAT Team Members Were Injured, Cause of Blaze Still Unclear

Investigators have determined that there were no explosives used to start the massive fire that sent nine police officers to the hospital and left the man who held his wife hostage for several days dead inside a garage on the North Haven property.

Sources said that fire officials haven’t determined how the blaze started but said there were flammable materials including propane to gasoline to chlorine containers in the area that would have fueled the fire.

The state police also have ruled out that any members of the SWAT team that were searching the property caused the fire. None of their weapons were fired during the standoff, state police have determined.

The officers were in the middle of searching the buildings behind the house at 385 Quinnipiac Avenue when the explosion occurred. The officers were surrounding the garage and were about 10-15 feet away from the structure when it exploded.


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