“We’re preparing, and we hope it never comes to fruition, but if it does we feel that our SWAT team is well prepared.” Police said the exercise is expected … with reckless endangerment after her two dogs allegedly mauled a home health aide. Link.

In May, a Chicago police officer shot a dog. Two officers were wounded during the shooting. Last week, when a SWAT team shot Tywon Salters at Delnor Hospital, the bullet also hit the nurse they were trying to save. Clearly, gun carriers who are untrained … Link.

Before she could process what was happening there was a helicopter, SWAT teams, snipers with rifles, dogs, a Bearcat tank and officers in military style uniforms saying they were looking for her son. Police told her they had positively identified her 21 … Link.

He was immediately disarmed when he realized the top dog cared about his concern … Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) is a division of many police forces specially trained to handle the most extreme situations. In day-to-day customer encounters, service … Link.