MPO VanAntwerp and K9 Hawkeye were the first SWAT dog team with the Prince William County Police Department. They were a valuable tool that aided the Department in critical moments. This requires additional testing into a dog’s behavior/response when … Link.

were searched by SWAT teams before they were cleared. Police dogs trained to detect gunfire found no evidence, according to Acevedo. “I can’t say there was no shooting,” Acevedo said. “I am confident if there was a threat, that threat is not present here now. Link.

Police began receiving reports of gunfire shortly after 2 p.m. Tuesday. Dozens of officers and SWAT team members are at the hospital … TUCSON (KVOA) — A young dog is in training to become a therapy dog after he was found severely burned and neglected … Link.

SWAT teams haven’t stopped crashing through doors and … through school lockdowns where police and drug-sniffing dogs enter the classroom, and zero tolerance policies that punish all offenses equally and result in young people being expelled for … Link.

This requires additional testing into a dog’s behavior/response when working in an environment that is highly volatile and in close proximity to SWAT Team members,” police said. During his time on the job, Hawkeye received several certifications and … Link.

“The whole precinct was here,” said a witness who declined to give his name. “About 80 cops or more. Armored police vans, SWAT gear, dogs. Crazy. I haven’t seen that many cops here ever. They went up on the roofs.” Ten people at the club face gun … Link.

Michael Hebb, 45, of Peabody, was taken into custody shortly after noon in Peabody, with assistance from a SWAT team. He will be arraigned … Troopers then went to the home and called for a police dog, she said. Based on a statement the woman made to … Link.