raises funds for K9 Storm Patrol SWAT Kevlar … the Benton Police Department in Benton, Ark., but the competition is more friendly than it is exclusive. “It sounds like based on what they said, their goal is to get the vest for each dog no matter what … Link.

Paring back dog food regulations wasn’t even the most outrageous suggestion in the now-deleted fact sheet. As The Hill reported, the “FDA food police” was listed as … house being raided for vitamins by a SWAT team meant to represent the FDA. Link.

The police dog was also used to check out the man’s vehicle for a bomb … Police evacuated nearby businesses and called in a regional SWAT and negotiation team as well as additional officers from surrounding towns. Route 118 at the police station in … Link.

We are already seeing what used to be exclusively SWAT tactics introduced to recruits in police academies all over the nation … invented Throughout history it has been the desire of Law Dogs to avoid the use of deadly force whenever possible. Link.

PAT GROSSMITH/Union Leader At least four dozen people kept a close eye on police and SWAT as they’d searched a 201 Green St … Mary, who declined to give her last name but lives nearby, said the dog is named Bella — short for Elizabeth — and belonged … Link.