The media outlet describes the company as one that “that trains dogs as well as members of police and SWAT teams to become a successful K-9 Unit without the high costs.” She was reportedly abused before Croft came along, but after training with the … Link.

Police at the scene after the shooting included SWAT teams from Orange and Sullivan counties, state police and officers from several municipal departments. Police dogs and helicopters also were present. The village of Maybrook is mostly in the town of … Link.

CALDWELL, Idaho – Idaho State Police report a man is dead after a crash near Jefferson … After a week of heart break the family who had their chickens mauled by a dog welcomed some new additions to the family. Scott Peck drove all the way from Sagle … Link.

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Marc Gofstein tells WBNS-TV ( ) that a swat team conducted searches in Pike … behind a nursing home here before shooting the police chief and then shooting his way into the Pine Kirk Care … Link.