The Police Department is in its first year of reforms. So far, there have been policy changes for special tactical teams, such as the SWAT unit where Perez was assigned … caught on camera cuddling a neighbor’s dog recently welcomed his own furry friend … Link.

The robot will be available to the North Metro SWAT Team, a collaborative force with officers … a building for possible armed suspects without putting any officers or police dogs in direct danger, Police Chief Ken DeSimone said. DeSimone, who served … Link.

Bregman says Sandy opened fire after the police dog ran toward Boyd and its handler gave chase. Bregman argues that Sandy and former SWAT Officer Dominique Perez made independent, split-second decisions to shoot Boyd, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Link.

What each side is saying Sandy’s attorney, Sam Bregman, has argued the dog handler’s life was in danger when … Ginger applauds efforts to transform Albuquerque Police’s tactical units, including SWAT, the K9 unit and bomb squad. “These units are guided … Link.