A heavy police presence included the Seacoast Emergency Response Team, the local SWAT team. The alleged invasion took place … after also asking if Czubaruk’s dog would bite him. Minutes later, “two gentlemen came into my home and hit me in my head … Link.

I witnessed SWAT searching for a gunman (yikes … It was incredible to watch their positive reaction to the dog, but also to the police in general. Towards the end of the shift, I was witness to some real (and serious) action: there was a call about … Link.

Even though the sound of the snarling dogs in the background was clearly … That last category is where the SWAT team falls: convincingly brute and disinterested — especially amid a culture of police killing black and brown people with impunity … Link.

Also on scene, the SWAT team with an armored tank and police dogs. In the air, a police chopper keeping an eye on the situation. Broadway street in El Cajon has been shut down, and nearby businesses closed early. Police have declared the gathering an … Link.

In one department, SWAT was being used for raids over 200 times … most pointedly during the police-shooting protests in Ferguson, Missouri, where police wore riot gear and deployed tear gas, dogs and armored vehicles, sometimes pointing assault rifles … Link.