said he saw a swarm of Groton and State police SWAT team vehicles surround 4 Waco Court Sunday morning. Williams said police threw several flash grenades into the house, and that a police dog went in and out of the house several times. Williams said he did … Link.

becomes The One true love for Dallas Police Department SWAT Officer—and werewolf—Alex Trevino. Their story will make you laugh, cry, sigh, and completely fall in love with them. I’m a dog lover, just like Lacey! In my new book, Wolf Unleashed … Link.

“K-9 Joseph has also received a K-9 Storm custom-fit SWAT ballistic … golden retriever,” police said. “There was also a $1,400 gift by an anonymous donor.” K-9 Joseph will be replacing the department’s previous dog, who retired from old age. Link.