Columbus Police then tweeted that they had sent a SWAT team, dog units, negotiators and a helicopter to the scene. Police at the scene. Pic: Tom Dodge/The Columbus Dispatch via AP Law enforcement officials quoted by NBC News said the attacker was an 18 … Link.

Campus director of public safety Monica Moll told reporters there was thought to be only one suspect. Columbus Police sent a SWAT team, dog units, negotiators and a helicopter to the scene. Federal officials from the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol … Link.

Police searched several blocks of a neighborhood near Midway Airport with SWAT teams, a helicopter and dogs Monday morning after a passenger in a car fired several shots at federal and state law enforcement officers, authorities said. No one was injured … Link.

Primus, a Florida police dog, is normally a spirited animal … “I thought I was dying.” A month later, 11 SWAT officers in Hartford, Connecticut, ended up in the emergency room when a stun device they tossed into a house during a raid sent a batch … Link.

Sponsoring a police canine is “a good tie-in with veterinary … Ramos said. In addition, the dogs often participate in SWAT team training and deployment. Axel, who was bred and went through initial training in Germany, will be going through additional … Link.

Furthermore, eleven SWAT officers had to be hospitalized in September … Nevertheless, after sending the dogs to the hospital, the police kept looking for money and drugs in the house and discovered a bag filled with fentanyl. As Packer and Finn were … Link.