Redondo Beach police will hold its annual Community Safety Fair and Police Department Open House from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Sunday at the Civic Center, 415 Diamond St. The event will feature several activities, including police dog demonstrations at 10:45 a.m … Link.

A man accused of beating up his girlfriend, then holding off a SWAT team for more than 11 hours … was also there assisting was applied,” said Clovis police Lt. Jorge Gomez. When the police dog bit Wooten, he finally surrendered and officers booked … Link.

A K9 officer approached the man in his cruiser. Weiner says the man began running and led the K9 officer and two SWAT officers through the neighborhood to Knollwood Drive. A police dog was also deployed. Witnesses reportedly heard officers yelling at the … Link.

“We’re using helicopters, SWAT teams more … and doing simultaneous training with canine units.” Johnson said Bedford is known for having an elite police dog unit, and the training offered is something folks don’t generally see in other places. Bill Poe … Link.

The Marshall Police Department is … has donated almost 1,000 hot dogs and hamburger and Wiley College will have some volunteers out there to serve food.” In addition to the festivities Mills said there will be SWAT team demonstrations at 6:30 and 7:30 … Link.

Officers believed the bang would disorient Boyd, but he didn’t budge and instead pulled two knives as a police service dog that wasn’t on a leash ran at him and the handler gave chase. James Fox, who was the SWAT sergeant that called Perez to the standoff … Link.