“We’re using helicopters, SWAT teams more … and doing simultaneous training with canine units.” Johnson said Bedford is known for having an elite police dog unit, and the training offered is something folks don’t generally see in other place Link.

Long before daybreak, the Newark police SWAT suits up. Helmets with communication equipment … The SWAT team knows if there are babies or mothers in the house. Or if there are dogs. And if the front yard gates lock. They know the back escape routes … Link.

The number of incidents of officers using lethal force against family dogs is growing. It doesn’t just happen in high-intensity SWAT raids or drug busts. It happens during simple calls. It happens when police are sent to the wrong address. It happens every … Link.

Round Rock police and firefighters along with Williamson County EMS personnel will show off equipment and displays during the free family fun event. The Round Rock SWAT and Water Rescue … and McGruff the Crime Dog will give presentations. Link.