Police, SWAT conduct manhunt in Hingham park to find armed man

An allegedly armed man who evaded police for several hours was located and arrested at a Hingham riverside park overnight on Wednesday.

Hingham Police were called to Bare Cove Park, a waterfront area by the Weymouth Back River, around midnight for the report of a man who allegedly threatened another person with a gun. The nearly 500-acre park — typically reserved for day trips and dog-walks — was closed at the time of the report, according to police.

Within hours, police and a regional SWAT team were sent to Bare Cove Park to conduct a manhunt for the armed suspect. In a tweet, Hingham Police said reverse 911-calls went out to homes in the immediate area to warn them of the potentially threatening suspect.

Shortly after, Hingham Police announced the suspect had been caught by SWAT officers inside the park without incident.

The suspect, who has not yet been identified, was arrested and booked at the Hingham Police Department, and the park is scheduled to open as usual on Wednesday morning.


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