Race to the Sky takes off near Lincoln

LINCOLN – The 2018 Young Living Race to the Sky dog sled event launched at 11 a.m. on Saturday with 21 competitors traversing at least 100 miles near Lincoln.

The competition rundown included three sections: a 300-mile race for adults, a 100-mile race for juniors, and a 100-mile race for adults.

Mushers traveled from Lincoln to Ovando and Seeley Lake for the 100-mile finish while the 300-mile race took mushers back through Ovando for a finish at Hi-Country Snack Foods near Lincoln.

The 33rd annual dog sled race was sponsored by Young Living Essential Oils.

Laurie Warren of Council, Idaho said her son got her interested in dog sledding and she’s been racing for six years. She competed in the 300-mile adult race.

“I would go to the races with him and help him out, sit in the truck a lot, drum my fingers, and wait for him, and they had some dogs that weren’t doing well for them and I decided, ‘Well, instead of sitting here I’ll just run their dogs for a little bit,'” Warren said. 

Polson resident Charmayne Morrison competed in the 100-mile junior race. She started dog sledding because of a school project. She built a sled and started with three dogs but has since expanded to 17 Alaskan huskies. 

“I think my favorite part is just the connection with the dogs and having a bond with each and every one of them and they are kind of my family, my extended family, I guess,” Morrison said.

Morrison’s been mushing for five seasons and this is her second year racing.

Travis Schweigert, Charmayne’s father, said its been great helping his daughter with her passion. “I am very proud of her and it’s fun seeing her excel,” Schweigert said.

Brad Barringer is a fan of dog sledding and he brought his grandkids to see the race. “We came up to support friends and we didn’t expect it to be quite so fun, it’s been great,” Barringer said.


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