Shooting deaths by Wichita police since 2010

The Wichita Police Department has shot and killed 48 people since 1980, Wichita Eagle records show.

Here are the people who have died since 2010:


Jerome Dixon, 32, black

Killed 11/5/10

Synopsis: Police said Dixon had pointed a gun at an officer after being ordered to drop the weapon.

Robert Scharoun, 41, white

Killed 11/12/2010

Synopsis: Police said Scharoun was shot after firing his high-powered rifle at a newspaper carrier, into a house and pointing it at officers.


DeJuan Colbert

DeJuan Colbert

Courtesy photo

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DeJuan Colbert, 28, black

Killed 10/30/2011

Synopsis: Police arrived at a robbery in progress at a Dollar General Store. Police said Colbert ran toward officers with a knife.

Marquez Smart

Marquez Smart

Courtesy photo


Marquez Smart, 23, black

Killed 3/10/2012

Synopsis: Police saw a man fire a gun into a crowd after a concert. Officers chased Smart, shooting him in the back. Four bystanders were shot but recovered. The District Attorney said that Smart shot one bystander, but did not say in an official report who shot the other three.

Troy Lanning

Troy K. Lanning

Courtesy photo

Troy Lanning, 24, white

Killed 4/1/2012

Synopsis: Police shot and killed Lanning after a high-speed chase. Police said that Lanning, chased on foot by an officer, reached into a bag. The officer regarded that as a suspicious move and shot Lanning, police said. Lanning was not armed.

Timothy Collins, 17, black

Killed 4/13/2012

Synopsis: Officers killed Collins and wounded two others fleeing the scene of a home invasion. Police said the men confronting them carried guns.

Karen Jackson

Karen Jackson

Courtesy photo

Karen Jackson, 45, white

Killed 7/10/2012

Synopsis: Officers said Jackson stabbed herself several times with a knife, then walked quickly toward officers with the knife. Family said Jackson could not have walked quickly toward the officers due to leg and back ailments.


Jared Woosypiti, 24, white

Killed 7/17/2013

Synopsis: Woosypiti had a warrant for his arrest for allegedly stabbing a woman. He later robbed a K-mart and barricaded himself in an apartment. Woosypiti and police exchanged fire during a 30-hour standoff and Woosypiti was killed.


David Zehring, 30, white

Killed 4/10/2014

Synopsis: After a car chase, a Wichita police officer and two sheriff’s deputies apprehended Zehring, who approached one of the deputies with knives. He was not affected by two Taser shocks, then was shot. He died at the hospital.

Jeffrey Holden, 18, white

Killed 10/26/2014

Synopsis: Holden, according to police accounts, opened fire on officers who had responded to reports of gunfire. Police returned fire, killing him.

Icarus Randolph

Icarus Randolph

Courtesy photo

Icarus Randolph, 26, black

Killed 7/4/2014

Synopsis: Officers responded to a family’s call saying that Randolph was acting strange. He left the house and approached an officer with a knife, police said. He kept approaching after being Tasered and then was shot by officers.

Nicholas Garner

Nicholas Garner

Courtesy photo


Nicholas Garner, 26, white

Killed 8/22/2015

Synopsis: A Wichita police officer fatally shot Garner during a traffic stop. Authorities said Garner dragged the officer – who had leaned into Garner’s window – with his car around a parking lot and crashed into another vehicle before the officer fired.

John Paul Quintero

John Paul Quintero

Courtesy photo

John Paul Quintero, 23, Hispanic

Killed 1/3/2015

Synopsis: Wichita police responded to a 911 call from Quintero’s relatives saying he was armed with a knife, intoxicated and threatening others. Police said Quintero was belligerent and was reaching for his waistband when the officer fired two rounds from a military-style assault rife. Quintero’s father, who was standing near his son and officers, said his son had his hands up and his back to officers when he was shot. Quintero was unarmed.


Kevin Perry, 25, white

Killed 3/18/2017

Synopsis: Officers went to a mobile park after a woman called 911 saying Perry had pointed a gun at her, threatened to kill her and had held her hostage. The woman met officers. Perry came out of the house with his hands up, walked toward officers, then turned to go back inside. Rooster, a police dog, was released to stop Perry. Rooster grabbed Perry’s leg and Perry reached for his gun, prompting officers to fire at him about the same time Perry fired his weapon. Officers later said Perry’s bullet had killed Rooster.

Charles Johnston, 25, white

Killed 4/12/2017

Synopsis: Johnston took a woman hostage and fired at officers after leading police on a chase that spanned four counties in south-central Kansas. Multiple agencies were involved, including the Wichita Police Department.


Jose Ortiz

Courtesy photo

Jose Ortiz, 29, Hispanic

Killed 8/7/2017

Synopsis: Officers were told a man inside the home was holding his girlfriend at gunpoint and had possibly been smoking meth. Officers tried talking to the man and were unable to contact him. At 8:03 am the officers heard the woman’s screaming intensify and called for SWAT. Inside the house they found Ortiz holding his girlfriend at knifepoint, her hands tied before her back. Ortiz held the knife at her side. Minutes after police got inside, the woman arched her back, making an officer believe Ortiz had stabbed her, so he fired a shot. Four children were also in the home.

Andrew Finch

Andrew ‘Andy’ Finch

Courtesy photo

Andrew “Andy” Finch, 28, white

Killed 12/27/2017

Synopsis:Police responded to a false “swatting” call of a hostage situation. Finch, whose address had been given, opened his front door to see what the lights were. Police said they told him to raise his hands, which he did, then lowered them. Police said an officer feared Finch was reaching for a gun and shot him with one round. Finch was unarmed and not involved in the fight between two gamers that had caused the swatting call.


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