Spotsylvania deputy, police dog to have statue in national police museum

A year and half has passed since K-9 police dog Dux took two bullets while chasing a suspect in Spotsylvania County.

The German shepherd survived the wounds and eventually returned to duty, rejoining his handler, Deputy Kory Kelley.

Both are going to be honored for their service as the pair was chosen, from among many applicants, to have their statues displayed in the National Law Enforcement Museum, which is under construction in Washington, D.C.

The Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office held a ceremony on Wednesday to mark the occasion.

Casts of Dux and Kelley have already been made, and the statues will be on display when the museum opens in the fall. The museum also will display statues of two SWAT officers and a corrections officer.

The shooting happened on Oct. 2, 2016, after a traffic stop on Lafayette Boulevard. During the stop, a deputy patted down a passenger and discovered a gun. The man, Joseph Elliott Conway of King George, punched the deputy and ran.

Kelley and another deputy pursued the man. And so did Dux, who was shot when the dog got to within 10 feet of the fleeing suspect.

Conway also fired shots at Kelley and the other deputy. The deputies returned fire and hit Conway in the leg.

Dux suffered a large wound on his back and another to the neck. Although wounded, with bullet fragments lodged within a centimeter of his spine, Dux still was able to return to Kelley.

Dux underwent emergency surgery and battled an infection but soon recovered. He passed field tests and was back on duty 52 days after being shot.

Conway was arrested two days after the incident. He was eventually convicted of 11 charges, including numerous illegal drugs charges, stemming from the incident. He was ordered to serve 45 1/2 years in prison.


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