Standoff ends after flash-bang grenades explode in Stamford

Published 12:18 pm, Wednesday, May 2, 2018

STAMFORD-It took about 30 police officers and police dogs and at least two eploding flash-bang grenades to take a man into custody who barricaded himself in his Springdale home Tuesday night.

Sgt. Sean Boeger said once police threatened to send in a police dog in, Nicholas Miter, 38, of Birchwood Road gave up and was taken into custody for threatening to kill his wife without further incident. Miter is charged with threatening and interfering with police.

Windows remained broken in the home near Tower Avenue Wednesday morning amid handwritten lawn signs saying, “It is what it is,” “Live, Laugh, Love,” and “Here They Be Dragons.”

The lead up to the Tuesday evening breach of Miter’s home began with a March car accident that he allegedly fled from before police arrived. While police were investigating the case soon after the accident they saw Miter at the home and knocked at his front door, but he would not answer.

Because the car involved in the accident was registered to Miter’s wife, she was called in to police headquarters earlier this month. When asked why she didn’t come to the door when the officer knocked, she said Miter told her that he did he would slit her throat if she did, Boeger said.

Police obtained a warrant for his arrest on a threatening charge at the end of March, just before Miter was expected to take a trip to California, in hopes of improving his mental state, Boeger said.

But yesterday, when Boeger went to serve the warrant, Miter would not come to the door, despite the fact he was seen picking up a UPS package on his front stoop in the afternoon. Boeger went and had a judge sign a search warrant and after determining that getting Miter out of the house would be a high risk extraction, he returned to the home with the Special Services Team (SWAT), hostage negotiators, investigators from the Bureau of Criminal Investigations, patrol officers and officers from the K-9 Unit at about 6:45 p.m. Boeger estimated there were about 30 police officers working to get Miter out of his home.

Boeger said that police knocked on the door without reply. Police tried to address him with loud speakers for well over an hour before the decision was made to use flash-bang grenades in hopes of stunning Miter and having him come out of the home..

Boeger said windows of the house were broken and at least two flash-bang grenades were thrown in causing loud explosions, but Miter would still not come out. The SRT team then decided to breach the front door of the house.

After getting inside, a police dog indicated to its handler that someone was inside the master bedroom of the home.

“The K-9 was alerting to that door and when he heard the dog barking they said we are going to open that door and that dog is going to come in and bite you. You need to come out. That was the thing, he finally opened the door with his hands up saying, I don’t want to be bit by the dog,” Boeger said.

To every other question police asked him Miter replied that he wanted to take the fifth (fifth Amendment against self incrimination) and would not answer any questions, Boeger said.

“There was no big standoff. He just came out of the house,” Boeger said. No weapons were found in the home.

“The reason that it ended so successfully was because how well trained out Special Response Team is,” Boeger said. “They go above and beyond to deescalate the situation and try to make sure that when we have to apprehend someone who is barricaded, they make the person’s safety and their safety the priority,” Boeger said.

Miter is being held in lieu of a $125,000 court appearance bond and is being arraigned at the Stamford courthouse just after noon on Wednesday.


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