‘You’re gonna die.’ Dog poop debate ends with 3 shot and police standoff, Washington cops say

Gunfire rang out after a man confronted neighbors about dog poop in his yard, police say.

Carl Stone told KOMO that he was outside in a Yakima, Washington, neighborhood with his cousin Michael Bretches, 43, and Shawna Umphrey, 19, when their 62-year-old neighbor came up to them while wielding a gun. He blamed them for dog poop in his hard, Stone said, and then issued a startling warning.

“He pointed the gun towards (my cousin’s) neck and he said, ‘Now, you’re gonna die,’” Stone told KOMO. “I was gonna try to do something, and he pointed the gun to me, he said, ‘You do anything, I’m gonna shoot you.”

The shooting happened just after 9 p.m. on Wednesday, police told KIMA-TV. Multiple people called emergency services and reported hearing a woman screaming and gunfire.

The man shot Umphrey and Bretches from behind as they tried to run away, Stone said in his interview with KOMO. Umphrey suffered two gunshot wounds.

Police treated Umphrey on the scene and took her to the hospital, according to KIMA-TV, while Bretches was believed to have driven himself there for medical treatment. The suspected shooter hid inside his home, police say, and there was a long standoff.

Eventually, a SWAT team managed to get inside the house at around 3 a.m. and found the man with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, police told KIMA-TV. He is in the hospital with a life-threatening injury.

Marcie Umphrey, the mother of Shawna, told KOMO how she reacted to the jarring shooting.

“I just broke down,” she said, “cried hysterically.”

It’s not the first time dog poop has caused a conflict.

In Connecticut, police say a pit bull belonging to Christian Rodriguez pooped near the home of neighbor Kirk Brown — and two, along with one of Rodriguez’s friends — got into a fight over it. Brown is accused of stabbing Rodriguez, his friend Ryan Bray and the pit bull.

But Brown told police that he just used a stick in self-defense. All three were arrested, with Bray and Rodriguez facing assault and breach of peace charges, while Brown was charged with assault, breach of peace and cruelty to animals. None were seriously injured.


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